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Keep your reps in front of customers, not computers

The sales process is in constant motion. Today's leads are tomorrow's customers, and direct access to decision makers is the fast track to success. BranchIt helps your reps get introductions that can shift their sales cycles into high gear.

Focus on order entry, not data entry
Capturing names and numbers is critical to sales, but most reps find data entry a burden. So valuable connections slip through the cracks. Make sure that doesn’t happen by automating data capture with BranchIt. That way, your reps have the
time—and the information—they need to sell more products and services.

Do your homework before meetings
Find new and better ways to connect with your target prospects. BranchIt gives you access to detailed information on over 45 million people and 5 million companies. Cross-reference this information against your contacts and accounts to help you connect with people you want to know better.

Work the network
You’re likely to have valuable connections to targeted prospects within your own sales team that you don’t even know about. BranchIt can locate reps in other territories or other parts of your organization who can introduce you to the decision makers you want to reach—and vice versa.

Tap the power of your company
Don’t limit yourself to the sales reps in your company. Every employee in your organization has hundreds—if not thousands—of relationships. BranchIt can make those connections available to you for introductions, insights, and instant credibility.

Build on strength
Who in your company has the strongest relationship with each client and prospect? BranchIt can tell you, based on correspondence frequency, consistency, and longevity. So when your sales reps want to schedule time with a prospect, they're more likely to meet with success.

Put your ‘A’ team on the field
Make sure your sales managers have the optimal team assigned to each territory and each named account. With BranchIt, you can quickly see which reps are best suited for which territory based on the number and quality of business relationships they already have in the region. So when they start making sales calls, they’re already on familiar ground.