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Cut through to experience, skill, and talent

You need good people. Good people need you. Whether they’re actively looking or not, BranchIt helps you identify potential candidates that meet your requirements and helps you reach them through established business connections.

Update your database automatically
Let’s face it. No recruiter likes to enter detailed information into a database by hand. BranchIt automates the process, so you can quickly identify, contact, track, and follow up on prospective candidates.

Find the hidden gems
Use BranchIt to find people within your company who know passive candidates who may not be actively seeking a new position, but have the qualifications you’re looking for. You save valuable time and search fees, and get a prospective candidate with a built-in reference.

Turn your Employee Referral Program upside down

Employees in your company know highly qualified people that can contribute to success. BranchIt can help your recruiters gain access to them. So your recruiters can quickly see who’s out there and select the individuals they’d like to bring in for an interview.

Vet the references

Most candidates cherry pick their references to ensure that they are spoken of in glowing terms. Dig deeper with BranchIt. Check candidate references through connections to employees in your own organization, make sure there’s a fit, and know exactly who you’re hiring before you extend an offer.

Casual acquaintance or BFF?

The better one of your colleagues knows a prospective hire, the better your credibility. BranchIt helps you identify the employee with the strongest connection to a potential candidate. So when you ask for a meeting, you have a better chance of success.

Know before you go

Make the most of every interview. BranchIt gives you access to detailed information on over 45 million people and 5 million companies. Cross-referencing this information against contacts in your database will give you information you need before the interview begins.