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BranchIt protects your privacy

BranchIt automates business networking. It is designed to give every user the control and flexibility to use the system in the way that best suits their business and professional goals—while also protecting their privacy and the privacy of their contacts. Think of BranchIt as an automated, corporate Rolodex, where users have complete control over what, when, if, and with whom their information is shared.

Here’s how BranchIt protects privacy:
  • Employees have full control of access to their business relationships:
    BranchIt is a powerful business tool that produces win-win results for managers, employees, and customers. It is entirely up to individual employees to decide whether or not they want to take advantage of that power, and, if they do, which relationships they are willing to share.

  • Confidential content is never scanned:
    BranchIt aggregates names, email addresses, and connections from correspondence patterns—the content of these correspondences is never monitored or captured.

  • Flagged connections are kept private:
    Some business relationships should be kept private. BranchIt users are in complete control of which connections get shared and which ones do not.

  • Contact details can be kept private:
    If users choose to share relationships, they have the ability to hide details they prefer not to share, including email addresses, street addresses, and phone numbers.

  • Relationship owner can be kept private:
    In certain cases, users may choose to allow access to contacts in the system, but want to maintain anonymity by hiding their personal association to those contacts. BranchIt makes it easy.