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BranchIt in the news

CRM Helpdesk Software
BranchIt for Chatter: Relationships More Important than Social Media
CRM Helpdesk Software
April 15th, 2011

Why focus on people you don’t know? Why not focus on who you should know. The old cliché “it’s who you know” still holds true today... If you already use Chatter, then BranchIt for Chatter makes it even more “social” by bridging the gap between corporate email and CRM. You can connect today’s social media with the traditional social media on who you know.

BranchIt For Chatter Tries To Bridge The Gap Between Email And CRM
April 5th, 2011

Salesforce originally launched Chatter as a way to add a social layer on top of its CRM, Service Cloud and other offerings. BranchIt for Chatter makes even more social by bridging the gap between corporate email and CRM.

CRM Helpdesk Software
Salesforce Chatter – 5 Great Concepts, One Missing Link
CRM Helpdesk Software
January 21st, 2011

Everyone is talking Social Media and Social CRM (SCRM) but we’re missing the bigger point of “social”. It’s not about pushing feeds or data. It’s who you know. Or who you didn’t know who knows who... BranchIT has those capabilities, both as a standalone product as well as an add-on for Chatter.

AppExchange App of the Week
AppExchange App of the Week: BranchIt for Chatter AppExchange
January 7th, 2011

Looking for a warm intro to a lead? This week’s app, BranchIt for Chatter , can help you do just that. BranchIt, the winner of our 2010 AppQuest competition, allows you to easily leverage your co-workers’ relationships with prospects, customers and partners.

Beagle Research Group LLC
Salesforce AppQuest $100,000 Prize Winner is BranchIt
Beagle Research Group LLC
December 14th, 2010

In the lead up to Dreamforce, Salesforce ran a competition with a $100,000 prize for the best new application developed for the platform. The five finalists were introduced at Dreamforce and the winner was BranchIt, a startup that built an application that adds what it calls a LinkedIn effect to Salesforce’s Chatter...According to CEO, Josh Yuster, BranchIt for Chatter will be made available as a free application on the AppExchange from The offer is valid for unlimited users across any enterprise provided the transaction is complete by Valentine’s Day 2011.

AppQuest winner Selects BranchIt for Chatter as Winner of AppQuest Competition
Business Wire
December 9th, 2010

Ground-Breaking Corporate Social Networking Company Wins Best New Application Built on Enterprise Cloud Computing Platform

Jim tweets about BranchIt
by Jim Ferron
November 24th, 2010

BranchIt for Chatter is an #appquest 2010 finalist.  Congratulations Josh and team!

Jim tweets about BranchIt
by Jim Ferron
October 28th, 2010

Thrilled to be #appquest today to demonstrate BranchIt for Chatter!

Bill tweets about BranchIt
by Bill Band, Vice President & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research covering CRM
October 27th, 2010

BranchIt for Chatter intro at Dreamforce in December.  Interesting tool to map hidden B2B relationships between company and customer.  #SCRM

Comment on BranchIt for ChatterSM video on YouTube
by Ken Marshall
October 8th, 2010

I’ve used the BranchIt product and it's ridiculous how quickly you get insight into how many relationships people in your business have you don't even know about. This Chatter feature is a perfect extension for the solution. Perfectly executed.

The Corporate Librarian
Who, What, Where, How? People Information for the Enterprise
by Joanne Lustig, VP and Lead Analyst at Outsell
Sept 20th, 2010

With the burgeoning of social media and the subsequent flourishing of communities and networks, new sources of information about people have emerged that can have significant value for market research, competitive intelligence, human resources, and even R&D functions in organizations. For vendor portfolio managers who are aligning to support their organizations with the best content and sources, the shifting landscape of company- and people-information suppliers can be challenging to understand. This report identifies trends in the people-information market, provides an overview of the vendor landscape, and calls out essential actions for content managers buying, recommending, and using these tools to support sales, marketing, research, and intelligence functions in their organizations. The report contains BranchIt in it..

The National Law Review
What’s Hot in Marketing Technology for Law Firms?
by Kristyn J. Sornat
September 9th, 2010

One of the main functions of both ERM and CRM software is tracking "who knows who" among your clients, prospects and referral sources…The message from the panel was that every firm is different, and selecting one or both solutions depends on the culture of your firm and its needs. If you have attorneys who won't take the time to share their contacts through CRM software and will not object to the information being pulled automatically, an ERM solution may work for you. If you have attorneys who are concerned about privacy and want to be able to do more (such as track business development efforts, e-mail marketing lists and client information), the CRM option is the way to go. If you have a combination of needs, you might look into implementing both solutions. BranchIt was listed as an ERM provider.

Finding Expertise Inside the Organisation

by Connie Crosby
August 4th, 2010

Some organisations are now looking to automate this process, implementing 'expertise locators'. The focus of these tools is internal, although some, classified as customer relationship management (CRM) or enterprise relationship management (ERM) systems, may also have an outward focus. Examples of expertise locator applications include BranchIt.
The Golden Age of Biotech and IT
by Todd Lane
July 1st, 2010

Enterprise relationship management solutions such as BranchIt help your business leverage relationships that colleagues may have with prospective customer or partner contacts.

Michael tweets about BranchIt
by Michael Fauscette, Group VP Software Business Solutions at IDC Research
June 3rd, 2010

Talking to BranchIt about enterprise relationship management #socbiz

Above and Beyond KM
Using Technology to Manage Costs
by V Mary Abraham
October 1st, 2009

…If he had to choose only one technology, his choice would be enterprise search. On his list of tools identified is BranchIt.

LinkedIn Logo
What are the hottest trends in law firm/professional service marketing? What are firms doing to stand-out online and elsewhere?
by Christopher Batio
July 2008

1. ERM systems like...BranchIt

2. Online Networking using tools like LinkedIn

3. Lawyer blogs that look independent but are really created in conjunction with Marketing and Law Firm Management

4. Competitive Intelligence programs to support effective biz dev

5. Developing incubator practices to serve cutting edge industries and issues (climate change, subprime litigation, nanotech, clean tech)

LinkedIn Logo
The Need for Social Networking within the Sustainability Community
by Scott Boutwell
July 16, 2008

Over the course of the past 4 years I have had the opportunity to work with or share market strategies with executives at social networking companies such as LinkedIn, Spoke Software, Visible Path, and BranchIt. Of particular interest to me was the ability to develop and leverage what I referred to as "Relationship Capital Management"; the opportunity to develop, foster, and share relationships within an organization (or ecosystem) for the purposes of optimizing knowledge management and revenue generation...

LinkedIn Logo
Open vs. Closed Networks
by Carmen Hudson
May 19, 2008

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine from way back in the day showed me a demo of his new product, BranchIt. It was a cool product, but I thought at the time, this won't fly with corporate recruiting teams, not in a million years…I think I was wrong…It's only a matter of time before it becomes a commonly accepted tool. As the open social networks continue to decline in value recruiters (and salespeople) will look for ways to build networks of unique contacts with deep value...Closed networks dangle the promise of building networking capital that provides a competitive edge. A strong network is good. A strong network that belongs to you and you alone is even better.

Tech Crunch: The Enterprise Social Network, Auto-Generated
And Visually Mapped

by Mike Butcher
April 24, 2008

Making social networks work inside companies is a difficult task. Who wants to update their “status” to tell everyone what they are working on, or have to tag things manually? We’ll do that for our friends on Facebook, but for our co-workers on the terrible ‘knowledge management’ system the company installed? Not so much… Systems that mine email traffic (but not content) and other activities to passively determine relationships can be used to answer the “who knows X” question…

The Corporate Librarian
From Puddles to Pools: The Evolutionary History of KM at H&K
by Steven Kaye
November 8, 2007

Ted Graham of McKinsey & Company presented. He focused on his experience as Chief Knowledge Officer of Hill & Knowlton. He looked at ways of recording relationships with companies and media outlets.

Old way - Nag people to reveal relationships.

New way - Employed BranchIt to uncover relationships; recorded active relationships and one-time contacts from email interactions.

Social Networking Goes Enterprise
by Tom Aley
May 2007

Peer-to-peer social networking has grown significantly in popularity in the past few years. Companies such as LinkedIn, MySpace, Friendster and Facebook were established to help consumers connect with colleagues and friends. Today, the enterprise is beginning to harness the power of emerging Web 2.0 technologies to increase employee efficiency, detect competitive threats and drive incremental revenue…Until recently, however, the enterprise hasn’t been able to fully leverage such search technologies as early experiments in B-to-B social networking didn’t pan out. However, a new wave of companies built upon Web 2.0 technologies are changing the game and delivering compelling value and clear ROI to corporations.
Brain Storm! Business Podcast: Building Your Rolodex
with Online Social Networking Sites

by Stacey Greenwell
December 30, 2006

In today's Brain Storm! business podcast, we will discuss the different ways to find the business contacts you need - via online social networking sites.
Turning Sales Into Science
by Alex Salkever
December 2006

New and intriguing sales tools figure out ways to harness the collective network of an entire company. So-called relationship mining software made by San Francisco-based BranchIt, for example, combs through all of the correspondences and files on a corporate network to create a map of each employee's external relationships--allowing individual salespeople to tap into the collective knowledge of their organizations.

The Wall Street Journal
Offices Co-Opt Consumer Web Tools Like 'Wikis' and Social Networking
by Vauhini Vara
September 12, 2006

Mr. Gregson's employer, Hill & Knowlton Inc., had recently bought software from BranchIt Corp., a San Francisco start-up that supplies businesses with social-networking tools made popular by Facebook Inc. and News Corp.'s Using BranchIt, Mr. Gregson found the client's regional communication directors, as well as a list of his own colleagues who had exchanged email with the directors and might be able to broker an introduction. Within days, he heard back from a colleague who helped him pitch the idea.

Social Networks and Knowledge Management
by Stacey Greenwell
June 16, 2006

Ted Graham, from marketing firm Hill & Knowlton, presented ways of discovering the hidden relationships in a work environment. We are used to the hierarchical way of viewing a network of work colleagues; software now permits to see the informal networks...The idea is then to use the results for strategic relationship and functional relationship building.

BranchIt's Relationship-Mining Solution Uncovers Millions
of Relationships

Press Release
May 1, 2006

BranchIt Corporation, a provider of on-demand relationship-mining solutions, today announced that it has enabled its customer companies to identify millions of relationships held by their respective employees. In addition, BranchIt has helped these companies to assess the quality of uncovered relationships...

Business Week
MySpace for the Office
by Steve Rosenbush
April 18, 2006

Visible Path isn’t the first social networking company to target Corporate America…These guys sound similar to They both raised and burned through lots of money, achieving poor customer traction. Check out BranchIt Corporation or Interface Software. These two have had customer successes in the corporate market.
Using Marketing Technology to Get a Foot in the Door
by Tom Baldwin
March 8, 2006

In preparation for a client pitch, lawyers traditionally walked down halls and asked if anyone knew someone at the company in question. With the advent of e-mail, the "all-lawyer" e-mail blast has become commonplace. But are you truly leveraging your firm's relationship capital? Given the glut of e-mails, it's likely some lawyers will miss the e-mail or not respond. However, the concept of mining e-mail has emerged...

Government Technologie's Public CIO
Enhancing Government's DNA
by Judith Ribbler
February 2006

Social network analysis software, such as...BranchIt...provide a visual representation of social networks within organizations and uncovers relationships that can be the basis for new communities...Connecting people produces new relationships, solutions, Communities of Practice (CoPs) and sources of knowledge. Collaborative tools help facilitate group communication across multiple locations or virtual communities.
Professional services firms' adoption of CRM has been low; analytics functionality and the hosted model may help raise it.
by Coreen Bailor
February, 1, 2006

Networking applications, which help people uncover potential connections, are making it easier for employees to identify who within their organization has ties to customers and prospects..."Frequently, people do business with people that they know or people that they trust," says Denis Pombriant, founder and managing principal of Beagle Research Group. "When social networking came out a few years ago, one of the first areas that really took advantage of the concept was the professional services world." Pombriant expects hosted offerings to boost deployment rates.

excited utterances
Social Networking and CRM: the Next Step for Law Firms
by Joy London
January 13, 2006

These products address two crucial shortcomings of traditional CRM systems. First, because they mine your firm's e-mail server and create individual contact records from e-mail your lawyers send and receive (filtering out spam and other junk mail) there's absolutely ZERO data entry required by lawyers or their secretaries - genius. The second thing these systems do is offer various access levels to contact information which can provide lawyers a much greater level of control over the use of their contacts than in a traditional CRM system. I was impressed with some of BranchIt's other

Adding relationship capital to CRM…
by Ingo Forstenlechner
January 12, 2006

What struck me on the website of BranchIt was one sentence on the start page:

“Recruiting: Find strong job candidates with the help of your employees. Cut out the recruiting middleman. Find objective references.”

That sounds kind of familiar. Ask your buddies to work for the same firm you work for. Always a perfect match provided they (the firm and the buddies) think highly of you. But automate that? Would I like to take questions over friends of mine if they happen to apply for a job somewhere in a large organization? Provide references, yes. Talk informally with my boss, yes.

BranchIt Names Mary Ann Davidson to Advisory Board
Press Release
January 5, 2006

BranchIt Corporation, a provider of on-demand relationship mining solutions, today announced that Mary Ann Davidson has joined its Advisory Board. Ms. Davidson is Chief Security Officer of Oracle, is a member of the Global Council of CSOs, and represents Oracle on the Board of Directors of the Information Technology Information Security Analysis Center. In addition, Ms. Davidson is a frequent contributor to industry publications, was named one of Information Security magazine's top five "Women of Vision", and is a 2004 Fed100 award recipient from Federal Computer Week...
Lawyers Learn to Share
by Alexandra DeFelice
September 1, 2005

Pillsbury Winthrop wanted to lay down the law to its attorneys: Share your relationships, don't make your colleagues start building their own from scratch...Pillsbury Winthrop already had a relationship management and CRM system in place with Interface Software, but not enough of its 900 lawyers across 16 global offices were buying into the idea of sharing..."Some lawyers would share their information and others wouldn't," says CIO Warren Jones...We wanted better ROI--that's where BranchIt [came] in." The firm went to the provider of enterprise relationship management software and services for help.

San Francisco Business Times
by Eric Young
July 1, 2005

Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP is turning to new software to help its lawyers share information about the firm's clients. The software program by San Francisco-based BranchIt Corp. creates an electronic social network. With it, Pillsbury lawyers can choose to share information about clients with other Pillsbury lawyers. In this way introductions to other Pillsbury attorneys can come more easily -- much in the way that it's easier to begin chatting up a friend of a friend than it is to break the ice with a stranger...

Who Knows Whom, And Who Knows What?
by Susannah Patton
June 15, 2005

We purchased 1700 subscriptions from BranchIt Corporation -- a corporate social networking service that we quickly deployed to almost half the company in just over 2 weeks. It has enabled us to map out well OVER A MILLION relationships from our employees already, and is an invaluable service for us to both serve our clients better and to develop new business for the firm.
100 Proven CRM Ideas
by Coreen Bailor, Colin Beasty, Jason Compton, Alexandra DeFelice, Marshall Lager, and David Myron
June 2005

"Don't reinvent your relationships," says Joshua Yuster, CEO of BranchIt Corp. Relationship management software from companies like BranchIt...can search digital records of customers and potential customers who have preexisting relationships with other members of your team. Reward team players. Provide bonuses or team player rewards for the right internal agent who can add more value.

ERE - Electronic Recruiting Exchange
Talent Is Back as an Issue: A Brief Report on ER Expo 2005 Spring
by Kevin Wheeler
April 6, 2005

Other entrants to the employee networking space included BranchIt, located in San Francisco...a product worth a good look...Referrals, whether employee focused or externally focused, have grown in importance. Most organizations are now saying that referrals provide anywhere from 20% to 50% of their hires and almost always a lower cost than other methods.

Customer Think
Is Relationship Mining Ready for Prime Time?
by Gwynne Young
March 23, 2005 is starting to hear from firms that do relationship mining and customer reference programs...BranchIt [was selected] by international law firm Pillsbury Winthrop LLP for global relationship mining needs.
by Colin Beasty
March 22, 2005

Pillsbury Winthrop is deploying BranchIt, a provider of on-demand relationship-mining solutions. Pillsbury Winthrop will activate 1,700 BranchIt subscriptions worldwide and will use BranchIt to enhance lead development and recruiting among its sales force....

The 451 Group
BranchIt Takes a More Direct Approach to Mining
Relationship Capital

by Martin Schneider
March 15, 2005

Analyst report on BranchIt Corporation (login required)

Business 2.0
The Technology of the Year
by David Pescovitz
November 1, 2003

Social networking applies the power of the network to one of the most fundamental problems in all of business: finding the person who has the critical information you need, right when you need it. That's why Business 2.0 has selected social networks as our Technology of the Year for 2003...The desire to exploit social networks will inevitably conflict with the desire simply to be left alone. But in the end, the potential value of all that social capital will likely prove too tempting to resist. As it turns out, the old cliche -- "It's not what you know, but who you know" -- is truer than anyone ever realized.