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Create long-term value and competitive advantage

From due diligence to post-merger integration, BranchIt gives you valuable insights into business connections and relationships.

Open new doors
A merger is an opportunity to gain valuable new business relationships. With BranchIt, you can tell in advance whether a prospective acquisition may lead to relationships that will give you an immediate return on your investment.

Enter new markets

Get a head start by acquiring companies that have recognition, credibility, influence and momentum in new market sectors. BranchIt can help you determine the quality, magnitude, and accessibility of a company’s business relationships before the acquisition occurs.

Transcend boundaries
Does the company you’re acquiring do business in geographic areas you’d like to enter? With BranchIt, you can survey, capture, sort and rank the company’s connections in new regions—in a matter of minutes and without making a single phone call.

Grow existing accounts

People in your field know people that you want to meet. BranchIt will help you find an acquisition target with pre-existing business connections that align with your development strategy and accounts that you wish to grow.

Fine tune territory assignments

Who is the best sales rep to assign to each territory? It’s an age-old post-merger question. BranchIt can answer it by helping you evaluate which reps have the strongest business relationships in each region. So you can be sure you have the right team in the right place.

Don’t jump the gun
Before you make hasty post-merger personnel changes, use BranchIt to inventory key relationships from both the acquiring company and acquired company. That way, you can maintain relationships that may otherwise be withheld and uncover connections that can help you—a lot.