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Go beyond names and numbers

As every marketer knows, names, phone numbers, and email addresses only go so far. Successful marketing depends on building relationships. BranchIt helps your company uncover and monetize business relationships—and optimize your marketing efforts.

Create new opportunities
Your employees are in touch with thousands of business connections every day that you may not be marketing to, but should. With BranchIt, you can quickly identify, target, and reach new prospects, and open new doors.

Grow existing accounts
Business grows through referrals.  BranchIt helps you grow accounts by identifying new prospects within a client organization who already know people in your company. So they are more likely to open and read the marketing messages you send.

Gain instant credibility
The stronger the relationship, the greater the chances of success. BranchIt ranks the strength of your employees’ business relationships based on how frequently and recently they correspond with customers and prospects. So even before they receive a marketing message from your company, the conversation has already started.

Fill information gaps

Are you missing key contact information? Tap into your company’s complete correspondence history: leads, prospects, customers—you name it. If anyone in your company has ever sent them an email, BranchIt will uncover their email address. So your marketing department can initiate follow-up campaigns, cross-product promotions and maintain contact with key decision makers and influencers you may have otherwise missed.

Resonate with prospects
Shared interests lead to strong connections.  For every connection uncovered,
BranchIt offers available information on their professional profile, including career history, achievements, affiliations, education and other attributes they may share with your employees.  So you can quickly find common ground and communicate on a personal level.